Free Consultations

In the first instance you are welcome tocontact me for a short free initial consultation by phone. This normally leads to an assessment.


These attract a small fee. These shorter sessions, typically 30mins, comprise an assessment of your presenting issue and an opportunity to ensure a good working relationship between the client and therapist. It's important to have a developed plan of your needs by the end of that session and is possible in most situations.

No treatment is given during the assessment; is not ethical to attempt to treat without a full understanding of your needs, although in rare cases it is sometimes possible to extend the session to the full 60 minutes, schedules permitting.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions vary in length but are typically about 1 hour or slightly over. Costs are determined after the initial consultation and are strictly dependent on treatment type, session length, severity and type of referral. Please call if you need an estimate. Two hour sessions are now available and proving very popular. These tend to suit those who travel some distance and more than twice the work gets done that is possible in 1 hour.

Payments Due

All payments for sessions are due at the end of the session. No credit or deferred payment is permissible.

Fees Covered by Insurance

If you can claim the costs of therapy under you private health insurance, we are happy to provide evidence of payment for the purpose of reclaiming your costs.

Postponements & Cancellations

If a client needs to alter their appointment, postpone or cancel it completely, providing at least 24 hours notice is given, in this situation no charge will be made.

Please ensure you have read the Terms & Conditions page.