Collection Point

Audio Download Collection Point

If your therapy session was recorded, you can download it in mp3 format here. These are password protected zip files and cannot be accessed without a password. These recordings are not for public use and the use of these recordings by unauthorised persons may have an unpredictable effect.

Without the password, it is impossible to unlock the zip file. If you have forgotten your password, please phone 07595 880250 and request a new password.

Unauthorised use of these recordings constitutes mis-use and you do so at your own risk.

About your recording

Your recording is produced to a high standard and should be free of defects or audio artefacts. If your believe your recording is of a lower standard, please notify me immediately. Please note that these recordings are unique in the sense that they are tailor made to the individual's requirements. These should not be confused with off the shelf relaxation tapes available elsewhere on the internet.


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This zone is only available to those who have instructions to access it.

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